Experience Harvest Time at Herdade dos Grous throughout September

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Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or someone who enjoys the thrill of new experiences, you’ll be delighted to participate in the grape harvest weekdays in September at Herdade dos Grous in Alentejo.

Besides being a luxury country hotel, Herdade dos Grous is also a working farm, complete with vineyard and winery. The award-winning Herdade dos Grous wine is made here, from traditional Alentejo grape varieties of Trincadeira and Aragonez. In springtime, the surrounding landscape is covered in green vines and grape blossoms. By late summer, the leaves have turned golden and the fruit has ripened. Harvest time begins.

grape harvest herdade dos grous alentejo portugal wine

Every year, Herdade dos Grous shares this important step in the wine-making process with those willing to get their hands dirty and their feet wet. Guest harvesters enjoy a full day of activities from picking grapes and picnicking in the fields, to touring the wine cellar and enjoying a gourmet meal. Traditional pisa-uva (grape-treading) is also part of the extraordinary experience.

grape harvest herdade dos grous alentejo portugal wine

The complete Harvest Day program includes:

■ Arrival at Herdade dos Grous
■ Hat and shear distribution
■ Departure to the vineyards
■ Participation in the grape harvest
■ Picnic in the Alentejo’s beautiful landscape
■ Wine Cellar guided tour
■ Attendance to the entire process of wine-making from the arrival of the grapes to their delivery at the wine cellar
■ Grape treading in the mills (for groups from 10 people)
■ Tasting menu with wines

Chef Rui Prado prepares the harvest-inspired meal at the Herdade dos Grous Restaurant. It’s a special tasting menu of regional Alentejo flavors perfectly matched with the refinement of the Herdade dos Grous wines.

grape harvest herdade dos grous alentejo portugal wine

Price for the full day of activities is €90.00 per person (or, €75.00 per person without grape treading). Pre-bookings are required, within a minimum 48 hours.

For more information and to reserve your day at the harvest, visit the Herdade dos Grous website. Or, contact Herdade dos Grous…

Herdade dos Grous
P-7800-601 Beja

Click here to see Herdade dos Grous location on Google Maps

Phone: + 351 284 960 000
Email: info@herdade-dos-grous.com

Mondays through Fridays in September

Price: 90€/person or 75€/person/without grape treading
Pre-bookings required: minimum 48 hours.

Note: It’s a good idea to bring comfortable shoes and old clothing. They will get dirty. For grape-treading, bring shorts.


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