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Alpine Fun in Bairro Alto

Who knew there was an Alpine chalet in the Bairro Alto?  Well, just step off of the Portuguess calçada and into a wunderland dedicated to everyone’s favorite little Swiss Miss. 

Don’t be mistaken.  This is not the Heidi you read about as a child.  Um, OK, it is…but now, you and this Heidi are all grown up and you’re both looking for some fun in Lisbon. 

Bar Heidi is really an interesting, and unique, spot to hang.  The décor is strangely and delightfully Swiss kitsch to the extreme.  Dominated by a large daisy chandelier, the space holds every souvenir you might image, from stag head and cuckoo clock, to stag head and large wall-sized mountain landscape.  Just the right amount of kitsch to make it cool. 

And, cool indeed.  The crowd is made up of professionals in the evening, stopping by for an after-work beverage; and trendy and hip as the night matures.  Music is programmed nightly.  A DJ can be found on the little chalet balcony overlooking the intimate bar space.  Check out the Bar Heidi Facebook page for DJ schedules. 

DJ Bar Heidi Lisbon

DJs Nightly

After you’ve chilled out from your Heidi cocktail (hot green wine with elderberry syrup) and/or shot of Jägermeister, perhaps it’s time for a little bite to eat.  The bar menu includes Swiss cheese (of course).  Try the Appenzeller.  Or, maybe a rosti or meat dish will be more satisfying. 

Your owners and hosts, Marc and Sindi, are always on hand to guarantee a you have a yodeling good time. 

For more information, please visit the Bar Heidi website, or Bar Heidi Facebook page.  

Bar Heidi Lisboa

The Heidi We Love

Bar Heidi
Rua Da Barroca, 129
Bairro Alto
Lisbon  1200-051

Monday to Thursday – 18:00 to 02:00
Friday & Saturday – 18:00 to 02:45
Sunday – 21:00 pm to 02:45

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