Every once in a while Portugal Confidential runs across architecture, art, or even a gourmet meal that makes us step back in awe and wonder.  Well, this has happened again.  This time, in discovering the beautifully designed and meticulously handcrafted furniture of Boca do Lobo.

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The Boca do Lobo concept is not that old.  The company started in 2005 in Rio Tinto, a community just 22 km northeast of Porto.  The goal was simple:  to become the best in furniture design and production.  Just four short years, many magazine spreads and multiple design awards later, Boca do Lobo has quickly become known as the “jeweler” of furniture design.

Boca do lobo crochet chest dmanuel boca do lobo

(above left) Crochet Chest – This “crocheting” effect was reinterpreted through the forging of 60kg of classic brass pulls. The solid wood frame consists of seven drawers finished with a darkened gold leaf that contrasts with vibrant purple of the handles. (above right) D.Manuel – Named after King Manuel I of Portugal, this noble Cabinet is crafted with a mahogany twisted rope base and topped with a skyline silhouette, covered in copper leaf and finished with an ombre-style fading.

At Boca do Lobo, they like to say expect the unexpected.  Each piece carries the artisans’ own passion and emotion..  When a piece is set in a home, and surround it by a new way of life, the piece takes on its own unique identity, combining original inspiration with the pride of ownership.  “Our clients want an experience,” says Amândio Pereira, CEO of Boca do Lobo, “We design for surprise and to move them.  It is like a culture.”

Diamond Sideboard Boca do lobo

(above)  Diamond Sideboard – Featuring two highly-sculptured doors leading to a gold leaf interior with shelving and two drawers. Exterior is covered in silver leaf, finished with a luxurious shade of translucent amethyst high gloss varnish. The lion’s head feet are hand carved from mahogany and completed with a gold leaf.

One reason the designs are so popular is the interesting mix of traditional manufacturing techniques with contemporary technology methods.   For instance, the D.Manuel cabinet features a mahogany twisted rope base, taken from the Manuelino maritime style, topped with a contemporary copperleaf-covered cabinet resembling a modern skyline.  This blending of styles and techniques make for timeless furniture pieces that some might even consider museum quality.

Pixel Limited Edition Cabinet boca do lobo Time goes By Clock  as time goes by

(above left) Pixel Cabinet – 1088 triangles, created with silver leaf, gold leaf, lacquering, and 10 different types of wood leaf, opens to reveal an aged mirror and nine drawers for storage. It sits on a polished brass base. (above right) As Time Goes By – Grandfather clock meets mod. Hand-carved mahogany frame around digital clock, with a cut stainless steel pendulum, encased in a smoked glass box supported by an ornate hand-carved mahogany base.

Boca do Lobo pieces are sold internationally through furniture distributors and at exclusive boutiques.  In Portugal, visit the showroom in Porto.  Also in Porto, some pieces are on display at the Hotel Infante Sagres.

For more information and to see the full collection, visit the Boca do Lobo website.

Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre, 62
4050 Porto

Boca do Lobo International Offices
Trav. Marques de Sá 68
Rio Tinto

Phone:  +351 224 881 669
Email:  info@bocadolobo.com

Also check out Boca do Lobo’s sister company specializing in lighting design, Delightfull.

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