Hotel Teatro – Dramatic Boutique Hotel in Porto

Hotel Teatro has all of the drama and bohemian ambiance of a historic cultural arts theatre. And, as well it should. This hotel now sits on the spot formerly held by the Baquet Theatre, which was inaugurated in 1859. If you're in to cool, design hotels, check out Hotel Teatro.
Aquapura in Douro Valley

Six Senses Douro Valley – Riverside Resort

Six Senses Douro Valley is a massive resort on the southern banks of the River Douro. This region is well-known for its production of quality wine, natural beauty and its classification by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Six Senses takes full advantage of this location sitting beside ages-old vineyards, with a view of the river, and enjoying lush gardens and thick forests as a tranquil backdrop.
Solar Egas Moniz

Solar Egas Moniz Guest House in Paço De Sousa, near Porto

Solar Egas Moniz is a quaint family-run guest house in a renovated 120-year-old manor house, located just 30 minutes to the east of Porto. It takes its name from the historic achievements of Egas Moniz, tutor of D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, who is buried nearby the house, in the Paço de Sousa monastery.
Hotel da Musica Porto

Hotel da Música – Melodic & Modern Design Hotel in Porto

The Hotel da Música, just a stone’s throw away from the Casa da Música concert hall, considers itself a symphony of modernity, comfort, culture, cuisine and tradition. Music is the design inspiration here. Music staff and notes are painted on walls, portraits of composers hang in appreciation...
Casa dos Guindais Guesthouse in Porto City Center

Casa dos Guindais – Modern Guesthouse, Traditional Comfort, near Porto Center

Casa dos Guindais is an 18th century family residence recently renovated by architects Sofia Marques de Aguiar and Ernesto Jimenes. On the outside, the refurbished traditional façade blends perfectly with other centuries old homes along a narrow calçada street. Yet, inside, guests are welcomed into the 21st century with beautifully crafted natural stone walls and contemporary minimalist décor.
casa do canto design hotel porto

Casa do Conto – Award-Winning Design Hotel in Porto

Porto is a city steeped in history and culture, but exploding with modernity and creativity. At street level, Casa do Conto (House of Stories) looks like a traditional 19th century Portuguese home. Inside, is an intimate 21st century hotel/residence, striking in its minimal beauty and brimming with artist creativity.
yeatman wine hotel views to porto oporto

The Yeatman – Wine Hotel with Awesome Views of Porto

Perfectly positioned on a hillside on the south bank of the Douro River is the Yeatman. It is an elegant new hotel filled with modern conveniences. Yet, it is also steeped in the heritage of this region’s historic link to the world of wine.
Lobby Hotel Infante Sagres Porto Portugal

Hotel Infante Sagres – Elegant & Modern in Porto

Smack dab in the center of Porto’s historic district, arts neighborhood and trendy bars, is this gem, the Hotel Infante Sagres. But don’t just take Portugal Confidential’s word for it; just check the guest list. This stylish and luxurious hotel has been visited by the Dalai Lama, royal families of England, Belgium, and Norway, numerous European presidents and long list of billionaires and entertainment celebrities. The excellent location, discreet luxury, style and charm are no doubt the allure of distinguished clientele.