MUDE, the Museum of Design and Fashion, in Lisbon, is taking part in the Ano do Brazil em Portugal (Year of Brazil in Portugal) festival with a special exhibition celebrating design in the South American country. Brazilian Design – Modern and Contemporary Furniture, opens 23 September and runs through 4 November 2012.



This exhibition presents a selection of more than 80 items of the collection of Raul Schimdt. Works include furniture, fixtures and other household objects designed by 17 artists, from the 1940’s to the present day. These objects illustrate the evolution of design in Brazil, highlighting two great moments: the modern period, from the ’40s and ’50s, and contemporary, characterized by diversity, sustainability and irreverence.

Artist in the collection include:

Bruno Jahara ■ Irmãos Campana ■ Carlos Motta ■ Móveis Cimo ■ Domingos Tótora ■ Lina Bo Bardi ■ Jerzy (Jorge) Zalszupin ■ Joaquim Tenreiro ■ Zanine Caldas ■ Maneco Quinderé ■ Oscar Niemeyer ■ .Ovo ■ Paulo Mendes da Rocha ■ Rodrigo Almeida ■ Sérgio Matos ■ Sérgio Rodrigues ■ Zanini de Zanine

oscar-niemeyer-rio-chaise, design Brasileiro, MUDE

rodrigo-almeida-africa-chair, design brasileiro MUDE, imaos-campana-sushi-chair, design brasileiro MUDE,

(top) Oscar Niemeyer Rio Chaise (left) Rodrigo Almeida, Africa Chair, (right) Imãos Campana, Sushi Chair

Surely, this exhibition will show that Brazilian production quality and contemporary design rivals that of that of Portuguese and European creative design.

Learn more about the exhibition at the Museum of Design & Fashion website.

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