The new exhibition at Bloco 103 Gallery in Lisbon can be seen as two completely different perspectives. Like a flip of a coin, Cara ou Coroa (“Heads or Tails”) offers divergent expressions from the two artists featured, Mónica Mindelis and Sara Maia. This exhibition of new contemporary works opens 23 May, and runs through 29 June 2013.

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Mónica Mindelis

Within a jumble of overlapping strokes, so sincere and courageous, with or without little meanings behind them, there is consistency in the works of Brazilian Mindelis. Indeed, there is consistency, despite the seemingly disordered and almost chaotic storm. From frame to frame, we always see a flurry of different gestures and colors that thrill the viewer. – Pedro Chorão, 2013

Monica Mindelis, bloco 103 galeria Monica Mindelis, bloco 103 galeria

Sara Maia

Lisbon native Sara Maia is a master in question. She uses painting as a narrative medium. She confronts us at the border between the real and the imaginary. We know her visceral side, exposing the absurdity, the unusual, the dark spots that show a rawness that does not leave us indifferent.

In this exhibition, another Sara Maia reveals herself in irony and social criticism, always treading a thin line that we hold and question. It is picture of her time, issues and questions, confronting established ideas of decoration. It is necessary to embrace her to understand her. – Miguel Justino Alves, 2013

Sara Maia, Bloco 103 Galeria Sara Maia, Bloco 103 Galeria

For more information, visit the Bloco 103 website.

Bloco103 Contemporary Art
Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 103B
(in front of the Hotel Ritz)

Phone: +351 213 823 131
Mobile: +351 961 042 199

Tuesday to Friday – 13:00 to 19:30
Saturday – 15:00 to 19:00



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