Ilha Deserta Beach Algarve

Ilha Deserta – A Beach in the Algarve Away from All the Fuss

Who would think that one of Portugal’s most pristine beaches would be just at the foot of one of the country’s busiest communities? Ilha Deserta (Deserted Island), in the Algarve near the city of Faro, is a welcome respite from other crowded, popular beaches across the region. And, the adventure to reach it enhances the uniqueness of this must-visit beach.
surf lessons in algarve

Algarve Surf School – How Cool Is That?!?

So, you’re in Portugal, on the beach, soaking up the sun….but you’re bored.  Off in the distance, not too far from shore, you see surfers riding the waves and whooping with excitement.  You think, “that really ...