Obidos Vila Natal 2014

Óbidos Vila Natal 2014 – Christmas in the Castle, 5 December to 4 January

Once again, the charming walled city of Óbidos hosts Vila Natal (Christmas Town). Snowmen and elves hang out here. So do cake bakers and igloo makers. Even Santa keeps a holiday home inside the castle walls. If the holiday spirit is what you need, then sled, skate or ski over to Óbidos, 5 December to 4 January.

CASALISBOA’14 – Interior Design Showcase, through 23 November

CASALISBOA’14 is a grand showcase of interior design. Over 30 designers are given the opportunity to restore and decorate a specific space within the historic Iglésias Palace in Largo National Academy of Fine Arts. This blending of exhibition, lifestyle and home design is open to the ...
Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2014

Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2014 – 7-16 November

Movies stars, respected directors, and award-winning writers are all arriving in Lisbon this week to participate in the 2014 Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival. American actor John Malkovich receives a tribute as does Portuguese actress Maria de Medeiros. David Lynch and Jean-Michel Alberola present...
SAL Film Festival 2014 - feature

Surf At Lisbon Film Festival 2014 – 30 Oct. to 2 Nov.

Once again, The Surf at Lisbon (SAL) Film Festival brings to Portugal’s capital city the best of what the world of surf cinema has to offer. With a full schedule of independent surf films, produced by national and international filmmakers, SAL is an event that celebrates the art, the culture ...
Bang Awards Animation Day 2

Bang Awards Animation Day Party – 28 October at Pensão Amor, Lisbon

28 October is the International Day of Animation. This initiative is intended to promote the culture and creativity of the artists of animation. It also celebrates the innovation and technology around animation production. In Lisbon, the International Day of Animation will be celebrated by...
The Creation of Meaning, doclisboa 2014,

DocLisboa 2014 – Documentary Film Festival, 16-26 October

The 12th edition of DocLisboa, the International Documentary Film Festival, rolls out 16-16 October in Lisbon. This year’s festival screens 250 films from 40 countries across the globe. 40 of the films are world premieres, 12 are international premiers and 2 are European premiers.
Tuaregue Retratos dos Homens Azuis, José Manuel de S. Lopes, cine eco 2014 seia,

Cine’Eco Environment Film Festival – Seia, 11-18 October

Cine'Eco, the International Environmental Film Festival of Serra da Estrela is the only film festival in Portugal focusing on environmental issues. In the 2014 edition, the festival will unspool over 90 films and videos relating to human and ecological concerns.