fabulas cafe lisbon lisboa chiado

Fabulas Cafe – Fabulous Comfy Retreat in the Chiado

There is a little refuge hidden in away in the Chiado that is the ideal place to escape the urban hustle and bustle. Fábulas is a quaint and inviting space to meet friends, or spend a quiet afternoon by yourself.
monte mariposa algarve holistic

Mind & Body Make-Over – Holistic Health in the Algarve

Economic crisis got you biting your nails? Global warming getting you depressed? Your mother-in-law nagging you yet again? You need some peace of mind. Sure, there are bars on every corner to numb the pain, and spas at every hotel to spoil yourself. How about going deeper? Escape to the Algarve. There are many options providing a total mind and body make-over…from the inside out.
holistic horesback ridingin the western algarve, horse at water

Holistic Horse Riding – Soothe Your Soul in a Saddle

Some people enjoy a good yoga session to open the lungs, stretch the limbs and free the mind. Others enjoy the way a horse ride through an undisturbed natural landscape offers a connection to both animal and earth, while stimulating the senses. Now, what if you combined the two?
avenida da liberdade lisboa lisbon

Avenida da Liberdade – Designer Shopping in Lisbon

Every world-class city has one—a shopping area who’s name alone is recognized for haute couture, high-end jeans and fine fragrances. Rodeo Drive. Fifth Avenue. Mayfair. Champs-Elysees. Ginza. With this year’s introduction of a new Prada shop, Lisbon’s Avenida da Liberdade certainly deserves to join the list.

Mãe d’Àgua – A Hidden Water Temple in Lisbon

Moving around Lisbon, one can’t help but notice the massive 18th century aqueduct that runs for 19 kilometers throughout the city.  Yet, what many people do not know, the aqueduct feeds into a beautifully desig...