stox club porto

Stox Club – Nightlife Stock Rises in Porto

When the closing bell rings in New York, stocks continue to rise in Porto! The partners who brought you Flow Restaurant and Bar (in the Baixa) elevates your weekend nightlife with a hot new venue dedicated to the New York Stock Market, the Stox Club. This Manhattan-esque nightclub near the Clérigos Tower...
Bonaparte Downtown

Bonapartes Downtown – Fun Pub in Porto’s Baixa

The Baixa of Porto has an English pub! It’s the second location of Porto’s popular Bonaparte pub (now celebrating 30 years in Foz do Douro). The new Bonaparate Downtown, has all of the same ambiance, beer and “pub-ish-ness” of the original. Except now, the space on Praca Guilherme Gomes Fernandes is greatly convenient for city dwellers and tourists.
sandhouse matosinhos porto

Sandhouse – Pool Deck, Lounge and Night Club in Matosinhos

It’s a daytime deck for pool and play. It’s a sunset lounge for chilling out and chats. It’s a late night club music and mingling. It’s on the beach for your seaside fun. It’s Sandhouse at the Edificio Transparente in Matosinhos, just west of Porto. During the day, Sandhouse is a chic spot for tanning by the pool. Order a light lunch from the...
Kasa da Praia porto,

Kasa da Praia – Palace for Nightlife in Porto

Kasa da Praia is Porto’s palace of nightlife from Portugal über nightclub developers, Grupo K (Kremlin, Konvento, K Urban Beach and more in Lisbon). This grand venue features a large disco, bar, restaurant, VIP are and lounge. Kasa da Praia is on Praia do Castelo do Queijo in the Foz district of Porto.
the wall bar porto

The Wall Bar & Lounge, Baixa, Porto

The Wall Bar is a cool, contemporary bar/lounge in an old (but hip) neighborhood, attracting young, friendly, beautiful people with a variety of modern music and festive theme nights. Hang at the Wall Bar at Rua Cândido dos Reis, 90.
eskada porto, trendy nightclub disco lounge bar oporto,

Eskada Porto – Nightclub for Urban Sophisticates

Porto has a new nightspot inspired by the hottest, trendiest clubs from Miami and Abu Dhabi. It’s Eskada Porto. A large garden welcomes guests to this beautiful space, that promises a different surprise around every corner. Eskada is quickly becoming the favorite hangout for hipsters and urban sophisticates in Porto.
Instalaçao nightclub bar bixa porto oporto

Instalação – Designed for Nightlife, in the Baixa of Porto

Instalação evokes the notion of a unique contemporary art piece set in a very rich cultural environment. The new Instalacão nightclub in Porto can very easily be considered a work of art. Indeed, Instalação, at Rua Conde Vizela, 89, features beautiful contemporary architecture, but most importantly, it is designed for fun!