Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION - Vicri

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – VICRI

VICRI goes “Bold & Preppy” for Spring | Summer 2016. Jorge Ferreira reinterprets the classics, giving them a new look through colors, textures and unusual patterns. The silhouette, slim and well-fitted, has as its primary goal a preppy inspiration look, but at the same time, contemporary, urban and with greater prominence. Characteristics of the collection include navy symbols, cricket sweaters and double...
Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION Luis Buchinho

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Luís Buchinho

It’s a giant nod to the 80´s! Luís Buchinho explains his collection for Spring | Summer 2016 as a focus on three movements during the decade: femme fatale in black with sexy allure as in Duran Duran's music video The Chauffeur; the boyish side of the first boy band, Spandau Ballet; and finally, the eccentricity fashion climax of groups Culture Club and Thompson Twins.
portugal fashion celebration nuno baltazar

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Nuno Baltazar

For Spring | Summer 2016, Nuno Baltazar pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of Out of Africa with a collection inspired by the characters and ambiance of this classic film. Distinctive textures, colors and details of the Kikuyu tribe are the starting point for urban concepts in which garments and sophisticated details are blended with casual items and easy wear. X and H silhouettes seem to have a three-...
Katty Xiomara portugal fashion celebration

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Katty Xiomara

Katty Xiomara’s collection for Spring | Summer 2016 is called “8-Bit Flash Back". It is based on the technological revolution (aka video games and personal computers) that invaded homes in the late 1970s. Therefore, the aesthetics of Xiomara’s collection emulate two-dimensional graphics of the video games of that time, evoking “pixel-ized” landscapes. Neutral colors in heavy and light silk, cotton and linen...
Diogo Miranda Portugal Fashion Celebration

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Diogo Miranda

For Spring | Summer 2016, Diogo Miranda takes inspiration from Mexican architect Luis Barragan, utilizing pure, straight lines in a collection for the modern, sophisticated woman. Using loose pants, flared dresses with straight cuts and deep V-necks, Miranda creates a poetic style for a strong, subtle and feminine aesthetic. Silk, crepe and stiff brocade are used in shades of pink, fuchsia and salmon.
portugal fashion celebration fatima lopes

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Fátima Lopes

Always one to design for the sexy and sophisticated woman, for Spring | Summer 2016 Fátima Lopes adds another “s”…as in “simple”. But this “simple” does not imply plain; it signifies “understated elegance”. Discrete pleats, graphic details, bare shoulders and back are hallmarks of the collection. Sassy colors like lemon chiffon, green apple, luscious lilac and bombastic blue go well with the always...
anabela baldaque portugal fashion celebration summer 2016

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Anabela Baldaque

According to Anabela Baldaque, “clothes should not overshadow the spirit of the person wearing them. It is important to leave room for everybody’s personality to shine through.” For Spring | Summer 2016, Baldaques’s collection is fluid, romantic and fun, consisting of many long dresses and flirty, deconstructed skirts. There are also romantic blouses, decorated with ribbons and fasteners, and made...
storytailors portugal fashion celebration

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Storytailors

Storytailors, made up of the dynamic designing duo of João Branco and Luís Sanchez, are well-known for their romantic, fairy tale-inspired collections. For Spring | Summer 2016, the Storytailors tell a story of discovery through imagination. Silhouettes are “marked by the elements water and air, by porcelain and tile panels, by the marriage of art and science, by the determination and the resistant vibe that ...