ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Nuno Gama Tribute

For this edition of ModaLisboa, instead of presenting a runway show of new Nuno Gama fashions, the designer himself received a tribute extravaganza at the Cultural Center of Belém. Colleagues and celebrities, friends and family packed the auditorium for this special celebration.
ModaLisboa Kiss Valentim Quaresma

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Valentim Quaresma

Valentim Quaresma has made a name for himself by designing unique, rich and luxurious high-fashion accessories. His headpieces, belts, necklaces, bracelets and more are individually works of art unto themselves. His latest collection, for Winter 2017, are architectural works featuring elements of strength found in nature such as stag horns, turtles and eagles, surrounded by intricate design detail.
ModaLisboa Kiss David Ferreira

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – David Ferreira

David Ferreira is throwing a party for Winter 2017 and the guests are all pretentious narcissists! Ferreira’s "Opulent Child" is a creative and clever collection inspired by a society obsessed with beauty and extravagance, especially dedicated to those bitchy characters in some of our favorite movies and television.
ModaLisboa Kiss Nair Xavier

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Nair Xavier

Imagine a hip holiday on a Greek isle in the 1960s. Welcome to Kalymnos, Nair Xavier’s inspiration for her Winter 2017 collection. The island of Kalymnos has a heritage for living off the sea and, particularly, the lost profession of sponge diving. Pieces in this collection are inspired by...
angue Novo - Modalisboa Kiss

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Sangue Novo

Sangue Novo (New Blood) is the emerging fashion designer showcase of ModaLisboa. Only the brightest and most promising young designers are hand-selected to present mini-collections in the special presentation opening Lisbon Fashion Week. The nine designers selected to participate in ModaLisboa KISS are...
Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION - Vicri

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – VICRI

VICRI goes “Bold & Preppy” for Spring | Summer 2016. Jorge Ferreira reinterprets the classics, giving them a new look through colors, textures and unusual patterns. The silhouette, slim and well-fitted, has as its primary goal a preppy inspiration look, but at the same time, contemporary, urban and with greater prominence. Characteristics of the collection include navy symbols, cricket sweaters and double...
Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION Luis Buchinho

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Luís Buchinho

It’s a giant nod to the 80´s! Luís Buchinho explains his collection for Spring | Summer 2016 as a focus on three movements during the decade: femme fatale in black with sexy allure as in Duran Duran's music video The Chauffeur; the boyish side of the first boy band, Spandau Ballet; and finally, the eccentricity fashion climax of groups Culture Club and Thompson Twins.
portugal fashion celebration nuno baltazar

Portugal Fashion CELEBRATION | Summer 2016 – Nuno Baltazar

For Spring | Summer 2016, Nuno Baltazar pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of Out of Africa with a collection inspired by the characters and ambiance of this classic film. Distinctive textures, colors and details of the Kikuyu tribe are the starting point for urban concepts in which garments and sophisticated details are blended with casual items and easy wear. X and H silhouettes seem to have a three-...