Prazeres 28 Nuno Vasa Iberian Suite

Prazeres 28 – Cork Sculpture by Nuno Vasa

Prazeres 28 is a cork replica of Tram 28, the iconic yellow electric tram that rolls through the streets of Lisbon, from Chiado to São Jorge Castle. Vasa constructed Prazeres 28, with 3D implementation help from Carlos Paiva, and using black cork from Abrantes-based corkboard...
cristiano ronaldo, cr7,

CR7 101 – Canadian University Offers Course on Cristiano Ronaldo

You think you know Cristiano Ronaldo? Think again. Then, sign up for a semester-long course at the University of British Columbia in Okanagan. Students will examine the global image of the Real Madrid superstar player, three-time Ballon d’Or winner, Armani model, tabloid celebrity and native Portuguese..
the pool jen lewin centro colombo, lisbon,

“The Pool” at Centro Colombo in Lisbon, through 9 November

Go ahead. Jump into “The Pool”! This art installation requires your participation. “The Pool”, by American artist Jen Lewin is an innovative public art sculpture creating swirling light and color. Users step, skip, and jump across concentric rings...
Joana Vasconcelos Green Boots

Limited Edition Joana Vasconcelos-Designed Green Boots

Available now, in shops and online, are limited edition Green Boots-brand footwear, designed by Joana herself. Only 599 pairs were produced (corresponding with the number of years since the start of the Portuguese discoveries).
Belem Tower by Tiago f Moura

Lisboa by Tiago f Moura

Lisbon is an artist’s dream. Around every stone corner, down every calçada street, on every historical monument, and in every neighborhood praça, is a unique perspective of the city. Every artist captures the essence of Lisbon in his own individual style. Now, an innovative graphic designer has....
Vila Vita Parc Cave de Vinhos wine cellar

Cave de Vinhos – Secret Wine Cellar at Vila Vita Parc

It’s hidden underground. It’s only open a few hours each day. Its guardian has years of specialist training. And, it holds vast treasures collected from around the world. This very special place is located below the grassy knolls on the cliffs above the sea in the western Algarve. It is the Cave de Vinhos at VILA VITA Parc.