Porto has the Christmas spirit! In fact, two million points of holiday cheer are illuminated in and around the city center. Praça General Humberto Delgado (in front of City Hall) is the focus of the festivities with a giant 26-meter Christmas tree.

Porto´s Christmas lighting ceremony is set for 17:30 on Thursday, 1 December.



For eco-friendly revelers, the 1.9 million lights are LED. Porto City Hall estimates use of LEDS save 80% of the energy consumption of traditional bulbs.

Get into the festive spirit with this video from Christmas lights of last year.

In addition to the city hall, 47 more locations will be lit with holiday lights. (Seven more festive spots than last year!) Some of these include the poipular Praça Batalha, Avenida Dom Alfanso Henriques, and the streets of Bolhão, Alegria, Damião de Góis, Oliveira Monteiro and Loureiro.

Photo at Top:  Filipa Brito

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