Joao Sousa

Confidentially Speaking…João Sousa

João Sousa is the most recognized Portuguese face on the professional tennis circuit. At only 26 years old, Sousa is already regarded as Portugal’s greatest tennis player of all time. Sousa grew up in Guimarães, in the far north of Portugal. His father, a judge and avid tennis player...
Vhils Alexandre Farto Rio

Confidentially Speaking – Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

You’ve probably caught a glimpse of his work, somewhere in some city. The large mesmerizing faces sculpted into the exteriors of buildings from Lisbon to Los Angeles, and Ponta Delgada to Paris, have captured the attention of city dwellers and the international art community alike. His gallery works are scooped up by collectors, and his creative potential has been lauded by Forbes magazine.
portuguese actor diogo morgado

Confidentially Speaking…Diogo Morgado

A heart-throb on Portuguese TV since 1998, Diogo Morgado is now a bonafide international film and TV star, thanks in part to his role as "Jesus Christ" in the miniseries The Bible. With new film projects and an American TV series in the works, Morgado is on a rocket-powered career trajectory...
Confidentially Speaking - Jose Avillez

Confidentially Speaking…José Avillez

Whether you’re a true foodie or a casual diner, we’re sure you’re familiar with José Avillez. Perhaps that’s because his business acumen is as sharp as the knives in his six respected restaurants in Lisbon and Porto. Or, maybe you’ve bought one of his three cookbooks, or seen him on ....

Confidentially Speaking…..Joana Vasconcelos, Conceptual Artist

What do you appreciate most about art? Is it creativity? ...innovation? …whimsy? ...color? ...the message it conveys? Well, if you enjoy any of these factors, then, no doubt, you’ll fall in love (just as we have) with the works of Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos. Born in Paris, but raised in Lisbon...
nuno gama portuguese designer,

Confidentially Speaking… Nuno Gama, Fashion Designer

Nuno Gama is one of Portugal’s most dynamic fashion designers. His distinctive styles are embraced by celebrities, musicians and socialites. His fashion shows are crowd favorites, not only for the quality of design, but also for their surprises. His presence is regularly requested at important....

Confidentially Speaking with…..CHAKALL

With his brightly colored turban and thick Argentine accent, Chakall stands out in a crowd. His inquisitive nature and exuberant personality adds to his unique character. Mix in a dashing appearance and a passion for cooking, and you have a tasty recipe for a perfect celebrity chef.
herman jose portuguese comedian entertainer

Herman Jose – Consummate Comedian & Cool Guy

For the last four decades, Herman has entertained Portuguese populations around the world through television, film, radio, publishing and live shows. His television shows are always funny, and often controversial, which is what makes Herman an intriguing personality indeed.