Mission control? The eagle has landed….in Lisbon! Cosmos Discovery is the world’s largest touring exhibition about space exploration. Come and explore for yourself what it was like to train for, lift off, float, experiment and live in space. Over 200 original artefacts from NASA and other space agencies are on display. Cosmos Discover is at the Belém culture center, through 30 July.



Climb into the cockpit of the space shuttle and peak inside the space station. Learn the stories of the Soviet satellite Sputnik, the Soviet space dog Laika, the capsule of the American chimpanzee Enos, the story of Yuri Gagarin — the first human in space . See a full-size model of the American Mercury spacecraft too. Lunar rovers from both the US and USSR are also on display along with space suite, and fragments of real asteroids.

cosmos discovery belem lisboa lisbon

For more information, visit the Cosmos Discovery website.

Cosmos Discovery Exhibition
Terreiro das Missas
(Alongside the EDP/MAAT Foundation)

Phone: +351 910 494 012

Hours: Everyday – 10:00 to 20:00

Adults: €16:00
Students – €14.00
Seniors – €14.00
Kids 5-12 – €12.00
Kids under 4 – Free

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