Want some insight into what’s happening in the contemporary art movement in Portugal… right now? Want to be inspired by artistic innovation?  Or, maybe you need something to hang over that new sofa in the living room?!?!  You need to step inside Galeria Alecrim 50.    

Galeria Alecrim 50 - Chiado Lisbon

Galeria Alecrim 50 in the Chiado

Under the direction of Alexandra Serôdio Gomes and Pilar Norton dos Reis, the gallery prides itself on identifying, nurturing and representing the finest of young artistic talent in the area.  Creative expression comes in many forms, and likewise, the gallery embraces all media:  painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and installation.  

Galeria Alecrim Private lives Photography

Photography Exhibition

Throughout the year, Alecrim50 maintains a schedule of temporary exhibitions presenting works in thematic collections, and individual showcases.  Additionally, once a year, a guest curator is asked to organize a show, which always adds a fresh new perspective to what’s happening in the current art scene.   

Among the Portuguese modern and contemporary artists represented by Alecrim50 are:  

André Almeida e Sousa
Matilde Vasconcelos
Bela Silva
Raquel Feliciano

Stag night Exhibition at Galeria Alecrim 50

Stag Night Exhibition

Diogo Guerra Pinto
Rosário Rebello de Andrade
Inês Favila
Sofia Aguiar
João Decq
Teresa Gonçalves Lobo
Jorge Nesbitt
Tomás Colaço
Luís Silveirinha
Tomás Cunha Ferreira
Marta Wengorovius 

For more information, visit the Galeria Alecrim50 website.

Galeria Alecrim 50 lisbon

Summer Comes in a Postcard Exhibition

Galeria Alecrim50
Rua do Alecrim, 48/50
Chiado District
1200-018 Lisboa
Phone:  + 351 213 465 258
Email:  galeria@alecrim50.pt  

Monday to Friday: 11:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 11:00 to 18:00 

Galeria Alecrim 50 is located right around the corner from the Bairro Alto Hotel, and just a short walk to the Museum of Design & Fashion.

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