Hey women of Portugal. There’s a new brand of fashion footwear in town. Guava! Its designs are “a fusion of geometric seduction, urban experience and new design perspective.” Slip on these shoes and transform your feet into a showcase of couture and architecture.



Guava is the brainchild of Portuguese designer Ines Caleiro. She conceived her vision for the product line while living in the U.S., and quickly returned to Portugal to begin developing and building her brand. Caleiro honed her geometric aesthetic studying graphic design at IADE in Lisbon. She followed this with courses in fashion and product design at the London College of Fashion. Here, she won a “Best Student” award, which lead to an invitation to work at Jimmy Choo.

guava peep toe shoes Ines Caleiro

Peep Toe Shoes: Pablo (gray & green), Pablo (plum & gray) & Philippe (cream suede)

Coleiro describes her product as “asymmetry, design, innovation and a touch of glamour, where shapes and structures cohabitate harmoniously.” For her Fall/Winter 2011 collection, she drew inspiration from architecture. Geometry is the main concept and accent colors become graphic focal points creating a duality of concepts.

guava boots alvar norman Ines Caleiro

Ankle Boots: Alvar, Norman (black leather), Norman (cream suede)

Each piece is hand-worked with refinement by dedicated Portuguese artisans. They bring expert skills to the creation of each shoe, resulting in a product combining delicate elements with high quality craftsmanship.

guava knee boots Ines Caleiro

Knee Boots: Carlo, Franck, Oscar

Guava footwear range in price from€148-196. For more information, visit the Guava website, or email info@guava.pt.

In Lisbon, the Guava brand is available at:

Akira Store
Calcada do Combro n.8
Phone: +351 211 932 688
Email: info@guava.shoes

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