They say good things come in small packages. In this case, large luscious, mouth-watering burgers can be found in two small casual spaces in the heart of Lisbon. Only open a few months, both locations of Hamburgueria do Bairro (Neighborhood Hamburger) have quickly become popular spots for those with a hankering for big juicy beef patties.



Hamburgueria do Bairro has one restaurant in Saõ Bento and another in Príncipe Real. Both have simple, comfortable counter and table seating areas. A large chalk board functions as both decoration and a community menu.

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Hamburgueria do Bairro – Bruno Santos Photography

Every burger served is a whopping 160 grams of beef on two slices of fresh rustic bread. Standard burgers with tomato and lettuce are tasty enough…but since you’re already here, why not go for one of the signature burgers with interesting toppings.

Duplex – Double hamburger, tomato, lettuce, cheese and bacon
Do Bairro – Hamburger, tomato, lettuce, cheese bacon and egg
Alfacinha – Hamburger, tomato, lettuce, watercress, purple onion and flamengo cheese
Vegetariano – Portobello mushroom, tomato, lettuce, sweet cucumber
Camone – Hamburger, watercress, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion
Picanha – Hamburger, tomato, lettuce, pineapple, cheese
Xoné – Hamburger, tomato, lettuce, mushrooms and cheddar cheese
Bifana – Hamburger, tomato, lettuce and mustard
Caco – Hamburger, brie cheese, watercress or arugula, with garlic butter.

Hamburgueria do Bairro - Camone

Camone Burger

It’s not all about the burgers. Don’t forget a side order of hand-peeled, hand-cut fried potatoes. They are made fresh daily.

For more information, visit the Hamburgueria do Bairro website.

São Bento
Rua dos Industriais, 9
Phone: +351 213 960 405

Monday to Thursday – 12:00 to 23:00
Saturday & Sunday – 12:00 to 02:00
Sunday – 13:00 to 23:00

Príncipe Real
Travessa Monte do Carmo, nº 19
Phone: +351 213 422 043

Monday to Thursday – 12:00 to 23:00
Friday & Saturday – 12:00 to 24:00
Sunday – 13:00 to 20:00


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