the wall bar porto

The Wall Bar & Lounge, Baixa, Porto

The Wall Bar is a cool, contemporary bar/lounge in an old (but hip) neighborhood, attracting young, friendly, beautiful people with a variety of modern music and festive theme nights. Hang at the Wall Bar at Rua Cândido dos Reis, 90.
eskada porto, trendy nightclub disco lounge bar oporto,

Eskada Porto – Nightclub for Urban Sophisticates

Porto has a new nightspot inspired by the hottest, trendiest clubs from Miami and Abu Dhabi. It’s Eskada Porto. A large garden welcomes guests to this beautiful space, that promises a different surprise around every corner. Eskada is quickly becoming the favorite hangout for hipsters and urban sophisticates in Porto.
Instalaçao nightclub bar bixa porto oporto

Instalação – Designed for Nightlife, in the Baixa of Porto

Instalação evokes the notion of a unique contemporary art piece set in a very rich cultural environment. The new Instalacão nightclub in Porto can very easily be considered a work of art. Indeed, Instalação, at Rua Conde Vizela, 89, features beautiful contemporary architecture, but most importantly, it is designed for fun!
Casa do Livro in Porto Portugal

Casa do Livro – Classic & Cool Bar in Porto

It’s not’s classic! The establishment of Casa do Livro has been at Rua Galerias Paris, 85, in Porto, for decades. Today, Casa do Livro is a comfortable, cool and classy place for relaxing with a glass a wine, sipping a tea, caressing a cocktail and enjoying musical entertainment.
opo nightclub porto vila nova de Gaia

OPO – Code for Fashionable Fun in Vila Nova de Gaia

Located on the banks of the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia, OPO is an entertainment concept that fuses lounge, restaurant and nightclub, with an open air environment featuring spectacular views across to the cityscape of Porto. It’s a perfect place to meet colleagues after work, sip a glass of wine at sunset, and party with your friends into the night

É Prá Poncha – Cocktails in a Fluorescent Cave in Porto

It’s kind of a cool contemporary cave, where local hipsters drink traditional cocktails from Madeira. It’s É Pra Poncha. This unique hangout on Porto’s popular Rua Galeria de Paris is a design devotee’s dream, a drink lover’s delight and a party person’s paradise.

La Bohème – Between Friends in Porto

In downtown Porto, on the bustling Rua das Galerias de Paris, sits the bohemian retreat La Bohème. Already popular in the past as a great neighborhood café for meeting friends, the bar has recently had a makeover, transforming into a tres chic coffee shop by day and trendy cocktail bar at night.

Baixa Bar – Cool Cocktails in Porto

A perfect mix of clientele is what truly makes a fun and successful bar. Interesting design and unique atmosphere also makes the experience special. Baixa Bar at 52 Rua Candido dos Reis in Porto has both.