So, you’re making an important entrance tonight and you need stunning film-star  hair….but a flight to Hollywood is just out of the question?  Want that sassy “A-list” look when meeting your ex’s new girlfriend… but your favorite stylist is  on holiday in Ibiza?  Have no fear.  Glamorous Hollywood hair comes to Portugal in the form of Philip B Botanical Products, introduced earlier this year at selected Perfumes & Companhia locations.

As Hollywood’s preeminent hair-treatment expert, Philip B. has won international praise for his visionary approach to hair, scalp and body-care treatments. His award-winning formulas, all based on pure botanicals and essential oils at potent, unheard-of-in-the-industry concentrations, have dramatically changed the way the world perceives luxury care for hair and skin.

Philip B, Hollywood Hair Expert

Philip B, Hollywood Hair Expert

Philip B – Hollywood Hair Expert
Philip started out in the treatment business as a young stylist in Boston, and later moved to Los Angeles. He became sympathetic to clients and friends with dry and over-processed hair. So, he began experimenting at home with natural remedies. As his client-base grew, word of his expertise and custom-made products spread throughout the Hollywood community. He soon became stylist and colorist to some of Hollywood’s most prominent actors and industry players. He was asked to provide services on photo shoots and film sets around the globe. He used this opportunity of global travel to obtain interesting, never-used-before ingredients to analyze and test. With this, he was well on his way to reaching his goal: creating the finest hair-care treatments in the world.

What he found along the way shocked him: Most shampoos — even in luxury lines — were predictable formulations of detergent, water, and fragrance. Conspicuously missing were the quality ingredients such as proven botanicals at active levels high enough to ensure performance and results.

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil

Rejuvenating Oil
Philip tackled the most difficult challenge, but most necessary product, devising a hair-conditioning oil light enough to enter the hair shaft, without leaving it sticky, heavy, or limp. Soon after, Philip B Rejuvenating Oil was born.  It became an instant word-of-mouth phenomenon.

Today, Rejuvenating Oil remains the flagship treatment in the Philip B® Botanical Products portfolio of luxury hair, scalp and body-care products. Other best-sellers include:

Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo
White Truffle Nourishing & Conditioning Cream
Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo
Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Shampoo
Cucumber & Blue Orchid Hand & Body Crème
Chai Latte Soul & Body Wash
Drop Dead Straightening Baume
Lovin’ Leave-in Hair Conditioning Crème

During his recent trip to Portugal, we had a quick chat with Philip:

Philip, Portugal is a long way from Hollywood! What’s up?
In the last year, I have been introducing my haircare line to Europe.  For now, I am based in Berlin as we rollout Philip B Botanical Products market by market across the continent.  Europe seems like the next logical extension for my line.  And now, I am very excited to debut this product  in Portugal.

Why Portugal?
Why not? (laughing)  Portugal is an exciting country….and I understand it is a hip, up-and-coming country.  I think there is a great opportunity here.  And, I am thrilled Perfumes & Companhia sees the potential for my product in the market.

Is this your first trip to Lisbon?
Yes, and I love it!  This country seems so magical!  The people are great.  I have been very surprised at the beauty of the city…and warm reception of the people I meet.  Unfortunately, this trip has kept me very busy and I haven’t been out to experience the city as much as I want.  What I have seen, though, has been truly exceptional.  It is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, with a lot of glamour.

Russian amber Imperial Shampoo

Russian amber Imperial Shampoo

Will you be back?
Definitely.  I will be back to promote  the product and meet with haircare professionals.  This will also give me a reason to explore the country further.  I want to be a tourist in the city, and I want to experience the nightlife.  I hear it is very exciting.  Also, I really want to go south to the Algarve.  Everyone tells me the beaches are fantastic there.  So, yes, you can count on me returning for business AND pleasure.

In Portugal, Philip B products are sold exclusively in selected Perfumes & Companhia stores.   Internationally, the line is now sold in thousands of upscale department stores, boutiques, salons and spas around the world.  Products can also
be purchased on line at Philip B Online Store.

Learn more about Philip B Products at the Philip B Website
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