Home life is much the same all over the world. Whether in a penthouse apartment, a suburban house, country bungalow or coastal beach house, people have the same dreams and needs. They must eat, sleep, live, bathe, dress, cook and need lots of space for storage! Ikea knows this better than anyone…and now, Ikea presents a special exhibition at MUDE, the Museum of Design and Fashion in Lisbon, through 30 November.



It might be agreed, that home life in each country is very characteristic of its culture. Ideas, dreams and daily necessities are a reflection of the population lives at home and interacts in society.

To better understand the Portuguese market, IKEA has collected facts, studies and statistics on how people live, specifically in the areas of Greater Porto, Greater Lisbon and the Algarve. In the past ten years, IKEA has visited hundreds of homes of Portuguese families, from north to south, to know understand their habits at home and improve on the day-to-day life for most people. This exhibition is a fun, light and interesting visualization of Ikea’s perspective on home life in Portugal.

A Vida em Casa A Vida em Casa - Portugal Ikea Mude - 2

A Vida em Casa - Portugal Ikea Mude - 3 A Vida em Casa - Portugal Ikea Mude - 4

For more information, visit the MUDE website.

Museum of Design & Fashion
Rua Augusta, 24
(In the Baixa, near just north of the Arch of Triumph)

Phone: +351 218 886 117
Email: mudemuseum@gmail.com

Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 to 18:00
Closed Monday

Photos courtesy of MUDE.

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