As Portugal Confidential was doing some insider research on Porto, we discovered some intriguing images by a photographer who shares our appreciation for this old city with a contemporary attitude. So, we thought we would share this beautiful homage.



“In Love with Porto” is a photo-series by Portuguese photographer, designer and creative director Nuno Serrão. He captures a unique character of Porto by utilizing ambient light, varied exposures and filters. He is particularly enamored the Douro River at sunset. These cinematic landscapes might be attributed to Serrão’s passion for film, particularly the works of Stanley Kubrik.

Oporto Sunset

To The Sound of The Skate Board Cruising

Based in Madeira, Serrão’s advertising and design company Urbanistas Digitais offers high-quality, impactful creative services without big agency prices.

Nuno Serrão
Urbanistas Digitais

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