Add a little light to your home furnishings. In fact, interact with that light to bring some sparkle to your life! Remember our friends at NunoErin? They are the ones who invented thermosensitive furniture. (See our post here.) Well, they have been busy in their high-tech workshop, creating a new line of furniture that brings light to your desk top, table top and side bench. Introducing…Interactive Furniture.



Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira is a sculptor from Lisbon. Erin Hayne is an American designer. They met at a sculpture workshop in Lisbon and formed a design studio in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. Together, they create multi-sensory product lines, bringing the furniture experience into the 21st century by engaging both mind and body.

nunoerin sparkle bench, interactive furniture

Sparkle Bench from NunoErin

Their Interactive Light Products consists of the Diamond Bench and Sparkle Table. Both utilize physical touch and interaction to connect individuals with one another and with the spaces they inhabit. The unique solid-surface pieces are made of renewable LG HI-MACS ® and utilize responsive LEDs and sensors to generate multi-colored light behaviors activated by the electrical fields within the human body.

sparkle bench nunoerin, nuno erin nunoerin sparkle table, nuno erin

“Enabling sensory experiences that relax, restore and inspire is at the core of everything we do as artists and designers,” says Gonçalves Ferreira. “Our products are being widely embraced across demographics because of how they leverage the universal human attraction to physical and social play.”

Learn more about Interactive Light Products at the NunoErin website.

533 Commerce Street
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: +1 601 944 0023

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