Abstract artist Justino Alves and realist sculptor Daniel Gamelas are featured in a double exhibition at the Galeria São Mamede in Lisbon. A series of 19 paintings entitled “Counter Current” by Alves are on display, as are 16 terracotta and bronze sculptures by Gamelas under the theme “Deities, Rituals and Creatures of the Peninsular Iron Age”. The exhibition runs through 20 January.



Justino Alves

Born in Porto in 2940, Alves was a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. In 1976, he left for Paris as Fellow of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation where he exhibited in the Salons “Realités Nouvelles” and “Grand et Jeune D’Aujourd’hui”. His works were acquired and included in the national collections of France. He returned to Portugal in 1978 developing greater activity in Fine Arts and is represented in many museums and public institutions.

Galeria Sao Mamede Lisbon Justino Alves Formas Planas C Galeria Sao Mamede Lisbon Figura Alegorica 1

Daniel Gamelas

Gamelas is a sculptor and drawing teacher, currently working in Porto. He studied sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, and received a Masters at the New York Academy of Art. His work was honored in New York with the “The Complete Sculptor” award for excellence in sculpture. Gamelas’ sculptures explore relationships between the body, origin and mythology. His works have been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, Spain and New York. He is a co-founding member of AARP – Atelier de Arte Realista do Porto, and is responsible for its drawing program.

Galeria Sao Mamede Lisbon Daniel Gamelas Galeria Sao Mamede Lisbon Daniel Gamelas

For more information, visit the Galeria São Mamede website.

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