Bosnian-native Lidija Kolovrat has been an influencer on the Lisbon art and design platform since 2010. Her Spring | Summer collection for 2018 continues with her notable deconstruction blending styles and materials, and incorporating upcycled embroidery. Kolovrat’s oversized and asymmetric outerwear exudes an androgynous mood. Yet, soft flowing fabrics in shades of red and purple emit a romantic feel for her women’s line. A well-tailored collar sits proudly on the neck and flows to a softer bare shoulder look. The men’s line is more edgy in terms of concept, fabric choice and design. Through her collection, Kolovrat allows consumers to express their individualism regardless of ethnicity or age.



All photos | ©ModaLisboa Photography: Ugo Camera

kolovrat summer verao 2018 modalisboa luz,

kolovrat summer verao modalisboa luz 2018,



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