Craft beer lovers who love a hip industrial vibe have a new oasis in Lisbon. Lisbon Beer District is a small two-block area in Marvila, consisting of (at the moment) three craft breweries, several art galleries and restaurants. The concept is the brainchild of the three brewery owners Bruno Carrilho of Musa, António Carriço of Lince, and Susana Cascais and Scott Stephens of Dois Corvos. Together, they intend to develop a gastro, brew, art and retail destination.



The Marvilha area, on the east side of Lisbon between Santa Apolonia and Parque das Nações, has always been a center of industry and manufacturing. Over time, the area became marginalized and eventually abandoned. Yet, recently, the raw industrial structures have become ideal settings for art studios urban art galleries and cool hangouts for the creative set.

Dois Corvos

Rua Capitão Leitão 94  ■  Phone: 00351 211 384 366
Hours: Sunday to Thursday – 14:00 to 23:00, Friday & Saturday – 14:00 to 01:00

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Rua do Açúcar 83  ■  Phone: 00351 213 877 777
Tuesday to Thursday – 16:00 to 23:00, Friday & Saturday – 16:00 to 24:00, Sunday – 10:30 to 18:00
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Rua do Açúcar 76, Armazém 8  ■  Phone: 00351 915 286 975
Lince artisan beer, lisbon beer district marvila,

For more information, visit the Lisbon Beer District website.

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