Take in the flavors of Portugal at Lisbon’s Mercado Gourmet (Gourmet Market). All of the delicious and delightful products at this annual market are made exclusively in Portugal and sold directly by the producers themselves. The Mercado Gourmet runs from 4-6 March at Lisbon’s Campo Pequeno arena.



The mercado is organized specifically to contribute to the promotion and sustainability of the micro food producers, whose products are typically of very high quality but may not be well known by the general public.

Meercado Gourmet Campo Pequeno

Some of the product categories featured at the Mercado Gourmet include:

Patés ■ Jams ■ Cheese ■ Deli Meats ■ Olive Oil ■ Wines & Liquors ■ Chocolate ■ Candy ■ Honey ■ Herbs ■ Pastries ■ Caned Specialty Goods ■ Condiments ■ Teas

Meercado Gourmet Campo Pequeno

Learn more by visiting the Mercado Gourmet Facebook Page.

Mercado Gourmet
Praça do Campo Pequeno

Email: mercadogourmetcp@gmail.com

Hours: 11:00 to 21:00

Entrance: €1.00 (deductible with purchase of €8.00 or more)

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