The third edition of the fabulous cultural festival LisbonWeek runs 10-19 April. In 2015, the festival is set around ultimate modernist city in Lisbon, Alvalade. This co-production between ACTU (Associação Cultural e Turística Urbana), Lisbon’s City Council and Alvalade Town Council, provides a unique opportunity to see delightful architecture, visit 12 exhibitions and participate in 11 cultural tours.



Alvalade is a neighborhood built from scratch at the beginning of the 20th century. It is full of rich culture, with the following institutions participating in the LisbonWeek celebration:

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal ■ Jardim do Campo Grande ■ Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa ■ Torre do Tombo ■ Museu de Lisboa – Palácio Pimenta ■ Museu Bordalo Pinheiro ■ Hospital Júlio de Matos ■ Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil ■ Complexo dos Coruchéus

Click here to see the times and dates for tours at each venue.

Lisbon Week - Museu Bordalo Pinheiro

Museu Bordalo Pinheiro

Lisbon Week - Torre do Tombo

Torre do Tombo

A few highlights of this extraordinary week include:

■ Porfírio Pardal Monteiro – Arquitecto de Lisboa – Curated by Ana Tostões and João Pardal Monteiro, will be on display at the National Library of Portugal. A unique opportunity to learn more about the life and work of one of the most important Portuguese architects.

■ Encontrar Mary Keil – Remarkable tile work of painter Maria Keil is presented at the Alvalade subway station. Her work, built over eight decades, reveals a multifaceted journey that blends illustration, tapestry, set design, graphic design and furniture-making.

■ Urban Sketchers – A unique insight into the daily life of Alvalade, through the hands of some members of the Urban Sketchers. The drawings will be exhibited in the Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa;

■ Vanguarda – A photography exhibition of works dating back to the 1950’s documenting everyday life in Alvalade. Images are provided by the Municipal Archive of Lisbon, and can be seen at Centro Comercial Alvalade;

■ E Morreram Felizes Para Sempre – An immersive theater play that takes place in a two-story building at the Hospital Júlio de Matos. This show allows the visitor to interact with the space and discover stories within the story: a cross-over between Pedro and Inês de Castro love tragedy and the invention of lobotomy, by Egas Moniz.

Lisbon Week - Tile Mosaic in Alvalade

Tile Mosaic in Alvalade

LisbonWeek cultural guided bus tours also provide an opportunity see different perspectives of the urban plan of the Alvalade neighborhood. Lisboa Moderna, a program curated by Ana Tostões, touches on key historical aspects of Alvalade represented in its buildings. Porfírio Pardal Monteiro, curated by João Pardal Monteiro, explores the work of architect Porfírio Pardal Monteiro throughout the city. There will also be a visit, by foot, to the Jardim do Campo Grande, guided by José Sarmento de Matos.

For more information, visit the Lisbon Week website. Buy tickets online here.

LisbonWeek 2015
Event Phone: + 351 213 405 190

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