You know those times when you wish your bedroom was a little larger, or that your living room had more light? Wish you could get a new apartment because you’re tired of living in the same little box? Want a home that you can afford….and offer the flexibility to change the floor plan as often as you change your shoes? Well, your dreams are answered. Portuguese Mima Architects has designed a modular, customizable home that costs as much as a mid range car…the Mima House.

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The project is the brainchild of Portuguese architects Mário Sousa and Marta Brandão. Over a period of five years, they endeavored to design a single object that could be produced quickly, that is flexible, light and cheap, and good quality product. Finally, the product had to be wrapped in a pleasant, clean design. And, the Mima house was concept was born.

mima house, modular design prefabricated houses

A Mima house is based on a rectangular space of 36 square meters. This structure is framed by columns and beams. Large window panes are interchangeable with solid plywood wall panels to create the desired exterior shell. More windows=more views. More plywood=more privacy.

Glass and plywood are interchangeable inside as well. The interior space is subdivided in modules of 3×1.5 meters. Place the walls in the grooves in the floors to create closed off space, or remove the panels to create an open environment. The living space is always  changing….and no two Mima houses will be the same!

Mima houses are constructed in northern Portugal. Total production time is two months. The base price of a Mima house is €43,000. “Almost the same as an Audi,” says Sousa. Of course this is the starting price. The value rises as you begin to customize the home. Buyers can select their preferred materials and finishes, and choose kitchen and bathroom fixtures. And, when ordering, keep in mind that transportation costs to the property are not included in the price.

mima house prefabricated modular home, made in portugal

So, not yet convinced? Not sure that a Mima house suits your property? Well, on the Mima website there is a 3D software program. Working with Google Earth, the program will locate your building site and generate a 3D model of how the home will look on the space. Afterwards, a 1:50 scale model of your Mima house, along with a book of building specifications, will be mailed to your home address.

For more information and to see a 3D demonstration, visit the Mima House website.

Mima Housing

Photo Credit:  José Campos

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