Economic crisis got you biting your nails?  Global warming getting you depressed?  Your mother-in-law nagging you yet again?  You need some peace of mind.  Sure, there are bars on every corner to numb the pain, and spas at every hotel to spoil yourself.  How about going deeper?  Escape to the Algarve.  There are many options providing a total mind and body make-over…from the inside out. 

quinta da calma yoga pavillion

Quinta da Calma Yoga Pavillion

Quinta da Calma – Almancil

Turn off the EN125, near the São Lourenço Church in Almancil and climb a narrow road to the top of the hill.  Here you’ll find a little community of Quinta da Calma comprised of small buildings, pavilions, cabins and a small restaurant.  A wide variety of meditation and yoga classes are on offer.  As well, spiritual retreats are scheduled and individual massage treatments are available.  At Quinta da Calma, they believe eating well is essential for the care of the mind, body and spirit.  So, on Wednesdays, the Gaia Sol vegetarian restaurant is open for lunch and farmers offer organic produce. 

More information:  Quinta da Calma blog

8136-901 Almancil
Phone:  +351 289 393 741

Quinta Mimos loule yoga class

Quinta Mimosa Yoga Class

Quinta Mimosa – Loulé

This 10-acre estate in the hills near Loulé offers the perfect environment to unwind.  Sign up for a yoga retreat offered throughout the year.  It’s also just a nice place to stay for a peaceful holiday, with self-catering accommodations and large pool.  If you only have a few hours, you can make an appointment for body work or traditional massage with one of their therapists.  

More information:  Quinta Mimosa Website  

Sito dos Quartos
100-256 Loulé
Phone:  +351 289 397 486

Tibetan Center of Faro Portugal

Tibentan Center of Faro

Tibetan Center of Faro

The Tibetan Center of Faro describe themselves as “the perfect place to find your inner peace and harmony.”  Using principles of Buddhism, the center offers a full complement of personal and spiritual development services including yoga, tai chi and mediation classes, as well as specially created workshops and lectures.  The center also has a great shop featuring Himalayan products, incense, cosmetics, books, cd’s and supplements. 
More information:  Tibetan Center of Faro Website

Rua Ataíde de Oliveira, nº 79
Phone:  +351 289 827 822
Mobile:  +351 961 624 490

Monte Mariposa tavira eastern Algarve

Monte Mariposa

Monte Mariposa – Tavira

In the hills near Tavira sets Monte Mariposa.  It is a retreat facility complete with one large accommodation structure, as well as a “village” of wooden cabins, teepees, a yurt, Thai-style work space, outdoor kitchen, pool and even a sweat lodge.  Vegetarian meals are served with love.  Sign up for meditation retreats, massage and yoga classes, or a variety of unique massage and holistic treatments. 

More information:  Monte Mariposa Website

St. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo
Caixa Postal 787 A
8800 – 161 Tavira
Phone:  +351 281 971 420
Mobile:   +351 965 419 633

cataplana a eira do mel algarve portugal

A Eira do Mel Cataplana

Restaurant A Eira do Mel – Vila do Bispo

Now that you’ve fed your soul, time to feed your body.  Restaurant A Eira do Mel, in the far west Algarve, practices the principles of the “Slow Food” movement.  This means food should taste good and be enjoyed; be produced in a way which respects the environment, human health and animal welfare; and food producers are paid a fair wage.  At A Eira do Mel, only local ingredients from the sea and local farms are used in traditional Portuguese dishes.  Cataplanas are prominent, with variations in fish, octopus, chicken and rabbit.   Dishes featuring tuna, shrimp, pork and wild boar are also featured.  And, since Owner Chef José António Pinheiro studied at the Hotel School of the Algarve, expect an abundance of pride and beauty in the presentation.

More information:  Restaurant A Eira do Mel Website

Estrada do Castelejo
8651-999 Vila do Bispo
Phone:  +351 282 639 016

organic produce bio mareacia

Organic Produce

Bio Mercearia

If you would rather prepare an organic meal for yourself at home, then you need to contact Bio Mercearia in Portimão.  Not only is it a great market devoted to organic products, but they deliver too!  Visit their website or give them a call.  They have a wide selection of organic grains, cereals, fruit, meats, vegetable proteins and more.  Just the treat your digestive system needs to cleanse from holiday overindulgences!  Orders placed Monday, get delivered to your door later in the week.

More information:  Bio Mercearia website

Rua 25 de Abril, 45-A
8500-321  Portimão
Phone:  +351 282 476 686
Mobile:  +351 961 563 777

Holistic horse center monte velho algarve

Holistic Horse Center

Holistic Horse Center

Holistic Riding, located in the far western Algarve, near the village of Carrapateira, is a unique opportunity to experience horse riding with the added benefits inherent in the practice of yoga.  When approached in this way, Founder and Equestrian Andreas Endries believes horse riding can enhance awareness, relaxation, natural breathing, perception, centeredness and energy flow. 

Check out our complete post here

Wishing you a fantastic journey of contemplation and peace of mind.  If you have a suggestion for other contemplative and holistic places in the Algarve, please let us know. 


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