They say, creativity has no limits. Organizers at ModaLisboa (aka Lisbon Fashion Week) have to agree. That’s why their theme for Fall/Winter 2017/2018 is BOUNDLESS. Four days of runway shows, featuring top Portuguese fashion designers, are set for 9-12 March at Centro Cultural de Belém.



A recent ModaLisboa statement explains BOUNDLESS as “fashion without boundaries, without restrictions and without reserves, during a time in the world when more and more walls are being built.”

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Friday, 10 March

18:30 | Sangue Novo
20:30 | David Ferreira Lab
21:30 | Ricardo Preto

Saturday, 11 March

15:00 | Away to Mars Lab
16:00 | Ricardo Andrez
17:00 | Eureka
18:00 | Kolovrat
19:30 | Filipe Faísca
20:30 | Mustra
21:30 | Luís Carvalho

Sunday, 12 March

15:00 | Patrick de Pádua Lab
16:00 | Duarte Lab
17:00 | Christophe Sauvat
18:00 | Valentim Quaresma
19:30 | Dino Alves
20:30 | Nadir Tati
21:30 | Nuno Gama

Also on the program, once again, was Sangue Novo (New Blood), a special showcase of mini-shows featuring promising young designers with a unique, fresh perspective on fashion. The eight young designers chosen to participate included:

Alexandre Pereira  ■  Carolina Machado  ■  João Oliveira  ■  Liliana Afonso  ■  Mariana Laurência  ■  Micaela Sapinho  ■  Rita Afonso  ■  Rita Carvalho

For more information, visit the ModaLisboa website.

Centro Cultural de Belém

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