ModaLisba KISS is special in many ways. Not only is it the 25th birthday of Lisbon Fashion Week, but it is also the 50th birthday of one of Portugal’s most beloved fashion designers…Nuno Gama.

For this edition of ModaLisboa, instead of presenting a runway show of new Nuno Gama fashions, the designer himself received a tribute extravaganza at the Cultural Center of Belém. Colleagues and celebrities, friends and family packed the auditorium for this special celebration. The highlight was a 50-minute documentary reminiscing on the 30-year career of Gama.



The documentary ended by teasing the theme of the Gama’s Winter 2017, “The Heterónimos”. The actual collection will be revealed soon. For now, we can offer this brief video introduction, featuring Portuguese model Ruben Rua.


Gama closed the show with a simple and heartfelt, “Thank you to you all. Thank you Portugal.”

See more information and event schedule, with links to all designer shows at our ModaLisboa KISS main page.

Learn more about the designer in our excluive interview with the Nuno Gama.

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