ModaLisboa’s Sangue Novo showcases emerging designers on the innovative Portuguese fashion scene. Many established designers have launched collections in this show, including, Maria Gambina, Ricardo Dourado and Miguel Flor.

Those selected to show collections at ModaLisboa VISION are:

2ID ■ Catarina Oliveira ■ Cristina Real ■ Ina Koelln ■ Nair Xavier ■ Olga Noronha ■ Patrick de Pádua ■ Sofia Macedo




NUMB – this dormant state of being is interpreted through dizzying graphics set against large dark unstructured coats. It is sport chic for crazy urbanites.

Catarina Olivera

UNFOLD– Unfold reveals the unexpected. It is both semi-rugged, and semi-random. Inside, garments are cut close, almost a second skin. Outside, coats are bulking and oversized.

Cristina Real

INTERUPTION – Straight lines get crossed in horizontals and vertical, by different colors, different textures and different colors. Black, navy and dark gray get interrupted by dark beige and ebige, just as wool and organza get interrupted by fur and mech.

Ina Koelln

ON THE GO – This collection is inspired by the thought that everyone can always escape when they need to as long as they have the courage to do so. Think traditional clothing re-interpreted into comfy casual streetwear.

Nair Xavier

According to BERGIE SELTZER , “No man is an island, Yet every individual is an iceberg. Broken away from the mother glacier.” This collection has an 80’s aesthetic made modern. Serious menswear and sportswear turn playful. Float away and discover your own style.

Olga Noronha

CORPUS IN CLAUSTRUM – For Noronha, clothes and the accessories together simulate a theatrical environment. This collection celebrates the partnership of strong metal structures enveloping delicate bodies covered by satin…a sort or, intimate enclosure.

Patrick de Pádua

B#88 – Iconic bomber jackets, with their long respected military history, are themselves a unique fashion statement evoking pride, courage and masculinity. This traditional garment is the inspiration for a bold and dynamic streetwear style for urban pilots.

Sofia Macedo

ETYMON – This collection of short skirts and long pants mixed with jackets and coats is a representation of a nostalgic mood of Maceda. Despite all external influences and environments, she returns to her origin…her family and country.

See more information and event schedule, with links to all designer shows at our MODALisboa VISON main page.

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