If you know Portugal, then you should be familiar with one of its most beloved natural products: cork! And if you know cork, then no doubt you’ve seen it used to stop wine bottles, to absorb moisture under a drinking glass and to hold tacked-up notes as a bulletin board. Well, now, the creative artisans at Najha have created a fashion line made from this unique tree material.

Note: A special Najha Cork Collection fashion show is scheduled for 26 March at the Conrad Algarve. Click here for more information on the event.



Launched in 2009 by Daniela Sá, Najha is a Portuguese brand designing and manufacturing fashions, shoes and bags all made of cork. With a Masters degree in management, training in leatherwork and an eye for trends, Daniela has developed a line of products that are functional, fashionable and fun!

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Find Najha items at their online store: http://en.najha.com/store . For more information, visit the Najha website.

Najha Fashion in Cork
Phone: +351 961 017 877
Email: geral@najha.com

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