Abstract expressionist works of Portuguese artist Nélio Saltão receive special attention in Lisbon at the prestigious Galeria São Mamede. The exhibition titled “Echoes of Urban Art,” features 30 of the artist’s most recent paintings. Opening with a special reception on 26 June, the show runs through 22 July at the gallery on Rua Escola Politécnica, 167, in Lisbon.



Born in 1949, Nélio Saltão is a prime example of a self-taught artist. He began painting spontaneously; educating himself by observing other artists, listening to their advice and following their theoretical practice. He started with watercolor, and gradually transitioned to oil. After developing his skills in an initial figurative phase, Saltão was eager to learn more, improve and above all, try his hand at the burgeoning new style of Abstract Expressionism. Saltão was a natural with this new form, thriving on the artistic freedom and spontaneity.

Nelio Saltao, Galeria Sao Mamede Nelio Saltao, Galeria Sao Mamede

Saltão’s works have been shown in numerous individual and group shows in esteemed galleries across Portugal.

Edgardo Xavier, member of the International Association of Art Critics in Portugal, believes, “view the works of Nélio Saltão and realize the natural composition, the vibrancy of color, density of contrasts, the exuberance of communication. They read with an urgency to express a positive narrative, through the security of geometry, a sense of joy or sobriety, magic or mystery.”

Nelio Saltao, Galeria Sao Mamede Nelio Saltao, Galeria Sao Mamede

For more information, visit the Galeria São Mamede website.

Galeria São Mamede
R. Escola Politécnica, 167
1250-101 Lisbon

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Phone: +351 213 973 255
Email: galeria@saomamede.com

Tuesday to Friday – 10:00 – 20:00
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