Popular celebrity chef Kiko Martins is passionate about introducing foodies to a world full of tastes and experiences. His book Comer o Mundo (Eat the World) is a celebration of his travels and discoveries of cuisines from 23 countries. His O Talho (The Butchery) and Cevicheria restaurants in Lisbon are testaments to his exploration and culinary talents. And now, his new eatery, O Asiático is a tribute to Far Eastern cooking.



The menu is truly a journey across Asia. Dishes are made with ingredients found in Portugal, such as cod, squid, beef and lamb, prepared using Asian techniques and flavors. Highlights of the menu range from Thai beef and tuna ceviche a la Laos, to Indian pork and Korean surf and turf. Stop by Japan for a chocolate and smoked rice mousse or Vietnamese sticky rice.

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For more information, visit the O Asiático Facebook page.

O Asiático
Rua da Rosa, 317
Príncipe Real

Phone: +351 211 319 369
Eamil: oasiatico@comeromundo.com

Tuesday to Thursday – 19:30 to 24:00
Friday & Saturday – 19:30 – 01:00

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