O Teu Corpo É O Meu Corpo (Your Body Is My Body) is an exhibition of the vast collection of political and art posters of Ernesto de Sousa. Hundreds of posters, dating from 1933 to 1988, provide a broad overview of the cultural production of the neo-avant-garde in Portugal and Europe.  O Teu Corpo É O Meu Corpo is on display at the Berardo Collection Museum in Lisbon through 27 September 2015.



The Ernesto de Sousa Poster Collection is an archive of affections. Some of the posters are his own works. Some others were created under his supervision. And many more were discovered in his travels or specifically acquired. Artists represented include: Alberto Carneiro, Helena Almeida, Wolf Vostell, Robert Filliou, and Julião Sarmento.

The exhibition, curated by Isabel Alves, develops around Ernesto de Sousa’s life path, his passions and encounters with people he admired, and with whom he joined spiritually and intellectually.

o teu corpo e meu corpo berardo

Joseph Beuys, sem data, 68 x 48 cm (detalhe). © Bernd Klüser, München.

During the exhibition will be published a comprehensive catalog, which will include a wider selection of posters.

For more information, visit the Berardo Collection Museum website.

Museu Colecção Berardo
Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisbon

Phone: +351 213 612 878
Email: museuberardo@museuberardo.pt

Exhibition Hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 to 19:00

Entrance is free

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