You gotta love a company whose mantra is “We make people love their waste.”  Oon Home Recycling Solutions is a Lisbon-based company developing innovative products to help us get more from our trash!  Their first solution:  the Oon Candlemaker.  Transform your old cooking oil into fragrant decorative candles. 

oon candlemaker cooking oil

Oon Candlemakers

It’s amazing to think that just one liter of wasted cooking oil can contaminate one million liters of water.  Now imagine this.  In one year, we use over 40 billion tons of cooking oil.  What we don’t actually consume ourselves…HALF this amount…is thrown out.  This excess oil is one of the leading contaminates of the world’s water system. 

OK, so this candle maker product helps us do our part in saving the planet.  But get this, plain and simple, it’s actually a really cool gadget too! 

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Here’s how it works.  Pour cooking oil in the top of the machine.  Any kind of oil is fine:  peanut, sunflower, vegetable or cocoanut.  Even the smelly oil from your can of tuna is OK.  A filter in the machine collects any food particulars.  Push a button.  A door slides open for you to insert an Oon candle pod.  This pod is very important.  It neutralizes the food smell, and adds color and aroma to your candle.  Push the button again, and the machine works it’s magic transforming trash into treasure! 

Oon pod sustainable product

Oon Pod with Finished Candle

oon candlemaker tealight system

Tealight System

The candlemaker can produce both 125ml and 250 ml candles.  A special accessory (sold separately) will allow you to make individual tea candles.  As well, use your own receptacles and make creative candles that are layered, in interesting shapes, or have unusual wick placement.  The end product enhances your living environment burning up to 70 hours. 

Mario Silva is the brainchild behind this concept.   He founded Oon (which is an acronym for On Our Nature) in 2008 with the intention of shifting the traditional recycling paradigm by offering people tools to transform waste into valuable and desired objects.  The candlemaker will be the first of many products conceived by Silva and his colleagues at Oon. 

oon candlemaker store lisbon

Oon Product on Display

The Oon Candlemaker list price is €199.  It comes with seven pods.  Additional pods can be purchased for  €19.80 for a set of nine.  The tealight system runs about €48.10.  If you don’t want to make candles yourself, Oon sells their own line of recycled oil candles at €18.00 each. 

For more information, visit the Oon Home Recycling Solutions website

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