It’s hot outside! Can’t get to the waterpark to cool off? The beach takes too much time?  We’ve got a delicious recommendation: Paletaria, in Lisbon.  The fresh, frozen fruit paleta (popsicle) that has become so popular in Brazil, Mexico and the US is now at Rua Luz Soriano, 25, in Bairro Alto.



The awesome thing about these sweet and tasty paletas is that they are healthy too. Each paleta is made with fresh fruit bought locally.  Therefore, they are packed with vitamins antioxidants and fiber. Some of the flavors include strawberry, kiwi, peach, grape, pineapple and mint, and mango.

paletaria bairro alto lisbon lisboa popsicles,

The idea for the Paletaria comes from Sérgio Garcês, who is not only a bio chemist, but also a graduate of the world-famous Cordon Bleu school of cooking in Paris.  He worked in Michelin star restaurants São Gabriel in the Algarve and Etxanobe in Bilbao, before turning his attention to atisan frozen desserts.

Small paletas are only €2.00, but it’s probably best to go for the large at €2.75.

For more information, visit the Paletaria website.

Rua Luz Soriano, 25
Bairro Alto

Mobile: +351 919 359 597

Monday to Friday – 13:00 to 22:00
Saturday & Sunday – 13:00 to 24:00

Photos courtesy of Paletaria


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