If you know Portugal heritage you know azulejos tiles.  These are the blue and white (sometimes yellow and white) tiles used to adorn everything from churches and royal palaces, to park benches and railway stations.  These classic and historic art elements are the inspiration for–and actual materials used in–a new line of contemporary furniture by Pátria Lusa.



Rather than emulating the image or design of the original azulejos mural, Pátria Lusa places the reclaimed 17th and 18th century tiles, in random modern mosaic-style.  Combining this repurposed artwork with steel or perspex creates a unique piece of art furniture.

Patria Lusa, Azulejos Furniture
Azulejos detail of the Church of Misericordia in Évora

Patria Lusa, Azulejos Furniture

Patria Lusa, Azulejos Furniture

These cool individual furniture pieces are custom made by skilled tile artisans, 100% locally produced in Portugal.  It’s an inspirational way to match heritage and contemporary design.

For more information visit the Pátria Lusa website.

Pátria Lusa Showroom
Avenida da Republica, 3000
Building Estoril Office Block B

Phone: +351 210 001 621
Mobile: +351 966 179 915

Photos courtesy of Pátria Lusa

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