Prolific and popular Portuguese restaurateur Olivier da Costa (known to everyone simply as “Olivier”) adds yet another new concept to his portfolio of dining establishments. Joining the successful ranks of Olivier Avenida (fine dining), Guilty (casual gourmet), Yakza (Japanese), KOB (steakhouse), Petit Palais (French), Praia (seafood) and Reserva (the best plates of all the restaurants), Pito do Bairro is a quick and casual barbeque restaurant located in the increasingly trendy Cais do Sodré neighborhood of Lisbon.



Pito do Bairro is Olivier´s version of a churrasqueira (barbeque joint). Guests can chose from half or whole roasted chicken, chicken wings, Tuscan sausage or spare ribs. Try these meats with one of three sauces, dubbed: Asian, field and scorching hot!

Pito do Bairro

Accompanying the meal are tasty side dishes like sweet potato puree, garlic rice, fried potatoes with herbs, green bean rice, and tomato salad.

Traditional Portuguese desserts round out the meal, such as sweet rice, chocolate mousse and orange tart.

Prices are easy to swallow, with meat mains running from €6-13, and side dishes and desserts around €3 each.

For more information, visit the Pio do Bairro website.

Pito do Bairro
Rua do Alecrim, 23

Phone: +351 218 045 564

Hours: Everyday – 12:00 to 15:30 and 19: to 24:00

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