Wrong Weather, the fashion-forward menswear shop and cutting-edge gallery in Porto, has organized another avant-garde art exhibition. On display is photography “courageously walking the line between conscious and subconscious.” Predrag Pajdic’s Noetic Corpus: Sojurn of the Soul opens 3 March and runs through 31 March.

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Pajdic is a London based artist, designer, and curator. In addition to his creative efforts, he organizes high-profile international art projects, as well as writes and lectures on contemporary art and culture. He also contributes regularly to many international publications, such as Yatzer, Client, Husk, Out There and Tush.

Predrag Pajdic’s Noetic Corpus: Sojurn of the Soul wrong weather

In Noetic Corpus: Sojurn of theSoul, photographic works feature ethereal, haunting images of bodies and faces. These enigmatic visuals delight in the half light of their exposure. Each face or corporeal manifestation (none of which are models but ‘real’ people, often other artists) also conveys the sense of the soul being non-rational, entering into conscious dream states with their deep penetrating gazes or ghostly positioning.

Predrag Pajdic’s Noetic Corpus: Sojurn of the Soul wrong weather

For the opening night, Pajdic also offers a performance art piece entitled Alis Volat Propis. In Latin, this phrase translates to “she flies with her own wings.” For this work, Pajdic places a naked male on a white table. Over the course of the evening, 300 butterfly wings will be meticulously attached to the actor’s body. Guests are invited one by one to whisper a wish into his ear, before he leaves with the release of live butterflies.

Predrag Pajdic’s Noetic Corpus: Sojurn of the Soul wrong weather

Pajdic’s emotive text accompanying the work states “I fly with my own wings except that my wings belong to tiny things that settle in a place on a body of such beauty which dares to hold the fragments of dreams and wishes. The brave ones.”

Learn more about Predrag Pajdic – Noetic Corpus: Sojourn of the Soul, at the Wrong Weather website.

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