For those who love the artistry of urban landscapes, the city of Aveiro is a fantastic feast for the eyes. Canals meander through the city, carrying ornately decorated gondolas (moliceiros). Beautiful Portuguese art nouveau buildings line the busy streets. And, as you walk around the city center, you can’t help but notice an impressive collection of contemporary public art. These square-face, block-body sculptures are the works of Luis Queimadela, and they add another unique dimension to the city of Aveiro.

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In 2009, the city in collaboration with the VerArte Gallery, installed 14 sculptures in pedestrian areas around the city. Collectively, this exhibition by Queimadela is titled “InVitro.”

Probabilidade Matematica- Luis Queimadela O Viajante - Luis Queimadela

Probabilidade Matematica (left), O Viajante (right)

Queimadela is a Portuguese artist, based in São Pedro do Sul. His 30-year career in the visual arts has produced many works, most notably in the techniques of sculpture and painting. 20 of Queimadela’s sculptures are installed as public art across the country, and many other works are can be found in museums, universities, corporate buildings and private collections.

Rir e Para Todos, Luis Queimadela Aveiro, A Peixeira , Luis Queimadela, aveiro, hotel moliceiro,

Rir e Para Todos (left), , tabletop sculpture on display at Hotel Moliceiro (right)

The sculptures represent post-modern bodies. According to the artist, representation of bodies through extremes, such as face and feet, is related to the concept of the cosmic body. The quadrangular structure signifies closure and suffocation political control. This concept portrays perfect osmosis between beauty and anguish.

Familia Luis Queimadela, aveiro art arte, Homen do Futuro Luis Queimadela, invitro art aveiro, public art aveiro,

Familia (left), Homen do Futuro (right)

See all 14 sculptures on a walking tour of Aveiro. Click here to see a map of sculpture locations.

For more information the artist, visit Luis Queimadela’s website.

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