Remade in Portugal is an annual cultural project celebrating nine years of creative sustainability. The exhibition is conceived as a challenge to the design and the visual arts to reflect on environmental issues. Presentations extend to architecture, music, literature and cinema. Remade in Portugal runs from 30 September to 13 November at the Museum of Coaches in Lisbon.



Some of the sections of Remade in Portugal are:

Objects After Objects

A selection of design pieces, many of which were presented at the Portugal Pavillion at the XXI Triennial of Milan. Designers include:

Atelier do Corvo (Desirée Pedro) ■ Soraia Oliveira ■ Ana Cristina Santos ■ Catarina Ramada ■ Teresa Cabral ■ Ana Rita Ramos ■ Alexandrine Costa ■ Soraia Santos ■ Ana Cristina Santos ■ Sílvia Rolla ■ Azahara Montenegro ■ Mónica Couto ■ Soraia Marques ■ Maria Stephanie Ferrante ■ Adrien Vieira ■ Miguel Oliveira ■ Mara Moura ■ Joana Costa

O Lugar do Arquitecto | The Architects Place

Featuring 13 videos peeking inside the private spaces of renowned architects and examining how their spaces compare with those they create for their clients. Architects showcased are:

Adalberto Dias ■ Alexandre Alves Costa ■ Álvaro Siza ■ Eduardo Souto de Moura ■ Gonçalo Byrne ■ João Mendes Ribeiro ■ Jose Adriao ■ José Carlos Loureiro ■ José Luís Carrilho da Graça ■ José Manuel Carvalho Araújo ■ Manuel Aires Mateus ■ Manuel Graça Dias ■ Sérgio Fernandez

Enquanto Existir o Mundo | While the World Exists

An exhibition module consisting of contemporary Portuguese design pieces that have qualities of scale, concept and exploratory precision. Artists represented:

Luís Nascimento ■ Samuel Reis ■ Eneida Tavares ■ Jorge Carreira ■ Margarida Pereira ■ Martinho Pita ■ Toni Grilo ■ Paulo Sellmayer ■ Susana Soares ■ Vihls ■ Vitor Agostinho ■ Vítor Reis

Ainda Cabe uma Obra de Arte | Although It Is a Work of Art?

13 pieces from the EDP Foundation Art Collection. These works are intended to inspire a individuals to choose works they would select to represent happiness in the home. Artists include:

Rui Sanches ■ João Pedro Vale ■ Ramiro Guerreiro ■ Maria José Oliveira ■ Miguel Branco ■ Ana Vieira ■ Pedro Calapez ■ Diogo Pimentão ■ Lia Mena Barreto ■ Gonçalo Barreiros ■ José Pedro Croft ■ Vasco Futscher Pereira ■ João Ferro Martins

For more information, visit the Remade in Portugal Facebook page.

Museu Nacional dos Coches
Avenida da Índia nº 136

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 to 18:00

Entrance: Free

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