“My father told an anecdote,” explains Portuguese artist Ricardo Gaspar, “about a man entering a madhouse, closing all of the doors and windows, and saying ‘Finally! I can protect myself from all of the wackiness out there!’” Gaspar further illustrates this sentiment in his new exhibition entitled Vaissandando at Mona Ideas Shop in Lisbon The show runs through 14 July.



Vaissandando expresses how we live our lives conforming to society and yearn to be set free like a bird.

Richard Gaspar, Mona Ideas,

Originally from Leiria, Gaspar began creating cartoons and illustrations at an early age. He studied graphic design at IADE and started his career as an illustrator at Novodesign. He spent many years as an ad agency art director and dabbled in digital design, before opening the door of his cage, spreading his wings and soaring into this exhibition.

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