Wool 2015 Pantonio

WOOL Urban Art Festival: Pantónio & Samina Works in Covilhã

Thanks to WOOL: The Urban Art Festival of Covilhã, the central Portugal city has become a showcase for intriguing works by national and international street artists. Just recently, 20-26 October, a special edition of WOOL saw two internationally known Portuguese artists transform the façades of two traditional buildings into large format...
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Historic Villages of Central Portugal

This collection of historic villages located on the eastern side of Central Portugal provides a unique escape from hectic urban life. Each village has its own distinctive character and is worthy of a day trip, weekend get-away or extended holiday.

Prehistoric Rock Etchings at Côa Museum in Central Portugal

The Côa Valley, in central Portugal, is considered one of the most important rock art locations in the world. More than 70 sites can be found here, still in their original positions, displaying breath-taking engravings from prehistoric, protohistoric and historic times. In the heart of this culturally significant area is the Côa Museum.
ovos moles Aveiro Maria da Apresentação da Cruz

Ovos Moles of Aveiro

Ovos moles are sweets, originating in the convents, made of egg yolks and sugar, wrapped in a thin wheat crust (the same dough used for “Hosts” in Catholic Masses). The sweets are molded into shapes symbolic of the Aveiro region, such as clams, mussels, fish, crabs, barrels, sea buoy, walnuts and chestnuts.
Schist villages aldeias xisto portugal

Schist Villages of Central Portugal

“Schist” is a type of crystalline metamorphic stone. It is easily split, creating a flat surface. For centuries, this “horizontal” stone became the ideal building material to create weatherproof, secure houses. Today, many original homes made of schist still stand and are remain occupied by the residents of the village.
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Museu de Lanifícios – A Cultural History of Wool in Covilhã

Today, the Wool Museum in Covilhã, documents this unique and interesting industry. The motto at the Wool Museum is “the thread from the past weaving the future.” It is an apropos description for, not only what visitors can expect to see in the exhibition, but also for the current state of the wool trade in the area.