Porto is cool, creative, original and innovative, from fashion and design, to furniture and architecture. A unique design store in the Porto’s Art District, epitomizes these qualities by offering products ideal for the modern urban lifestyle. Scar.id is part shop and part gallery, representing some of the best products from some of Portugal’s most talented emerging designers.



A former grocery store at Rua do Rosário, 253 has been transformed into Scar.ID. Artist and photographer Sílvia Pinto Costa, and architect and interior designer André Ramos, opened this shop to celebrate inspired designs from the local and national creative community. The ever-changing product line consists of fashion, jewelry and shoes, to lighting, furniture and housewares.

Scar ID Porto scar id porto

scar id porto scar id porto

Brands and designers currently represented at Scar.ID include:

2ID ■ Ana Coelho ■ Ana Vicente ■ Carla Pontes ■ Carols Couto ■ Claudia Garrido ■ Colectivo de Melhoramentos ■ Cristina Real ■ DAM ■ Daniela Barros ■ Diana Matias ■ Elizabeth Teixeira ■ Estelita Mendonça ■ Filipe Faísca ■ Gazel ■ Grafolita ■ Joana Da’Graça ■ João Abreu Valente ■ Lia Gonçalves Joalharia ■ Manuel Amaral Netto ■ Margarida Gorgulho ■ MOID ■ Namban ■ Naturalook ■ Ricardo Andrez ■ scar.id ■ Sofia Gomes ■ Susana Bettencourt ■ The Laces Company ■ ursotigre ■ WEK

You can buy Scar.ID items online too. For more information and to browse the product range, visit the Scar.ID website.

Rua do Rosário, 253

Phone: +351 222 033 087
Mobile: +351 914 877 818
Mobile: +351 914 689 065
Email: info@scar-id.com

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