The Atlantic Ocean and the Algarve coast are celebrated in an exhibition of works by renowned Spanish painter José Luis Cerra Wollstein at VILA VITA Parc.  The painter first visited the Algarve in 2006, immediately became enamored with the scenery, and went to work on a collection of seascapes.  These paintings are on exhibition in VILA VITA Parc 2006-2014, running from 5 July to 15 August, in the resort’s Sala Estoril.



Born in Madrid in 1975, Cerra Wollstein lives in Asturias, where he is also teaches visual arts and painting. He Luis studied painting at the University of Basque Country, and went on to study at the Universities of Helsinki and Florence and mastered in History of Art at the University of Oviedo with “A representation of the sea of the North of Spain”.

José Luis Cerra Wollstein

José Luis Cerra Wollstein, “Salema II”

A true realist, his detailed and meticulous works portray both the power and tranquility of the sea, exploring moments of tension and peace, revealing touches of abstract and innovative techniques.

Cerra Wollstein’s works have appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Several of his paintings are also held by VILAVITA Parc.

José Luis Cerra Wollstein

José Luis Cerra Wollstein, “Borrasca”

The exhibition is open every day from10:00 to 18:00 in the resort’s Sala Estoril through 15 August.

For more information on the exhibition and the resort, visit the VILA VITA Parc website.

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