Silk Club is Lisbon’s hottest club of the moment.  Its central location, its panoramic views, its sophisticated and modern lux décor, and its stringent door policy make it one of the most desirable places currently on the nightlife scene in Portugal’s capital city. 

Open nearly two years, Silk integrates the architecture and design of its interiors with the ambiance that Lisbon transmits at night.  It accomplishes this by its spectacular location.  Silk is on the upper floors of the Espaço Chiado, a commercial building adjacent to the legendary Ferdinand Wall.  From here, breathtaking 270º views of the city can be experienced with a drink in hand on the large open-air terrace. 

silk club terrace view lisbon nightclub

View from the Terrace of Silk Club

To access the club, hipsters grab one of two interior panoramic elevators to the six floor, arriving at the main hall, cloakroom and bathrooms.  A main stairway leads up to the seventh floor rooftop club.  Alternatively, take the private elevator! 

Don’t expect to just show up and be allowed in to see the view!  The club maintains a guest list entrance policy.  Ideally, you will know the correct people to contact to be put on the list.  Or, give the club a call or send an email through the Silk Club website to check availability for the evening. 

Silk Club Interior

Party at the Silk Club

More information, visit the Silk Club Website

Silk Club
Rua da Misericórdia, No. 14

Tuesday and Wednesday – 22:30 to 03:00
Thursday through Saturday – 22:30 to 04:00

Reservations:  Click here to email reservations for the list

Silk Club is a member of the World’s Finest Clubs

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